Matchmaking panther m10

Tips on panther 1 - posted in game discussion: so ive had bad history with this line, quit the vk m while back and only came back after i got the vk 3002 d since they buffed its earning potential did surprisingly well (relatively) after, got to sorta appreciate the gameplay and got the panther due to the x5 exp bout now i know the stock panther sucks like but id love to get a way to . Bollywood news – read latest news, breaking headlines today, celebrity gossips, exclusive interviews alia adding fuel rumours salman. World of tanks - comparing tanks side by side: panther vs panther/m10. The panther/m10 is probably the most fun tank in the entire game to play right now thanks to it's ramming potential playstyle and it's preferential matchmaking not to mention it's great gun, and spaced armor than encompasses the entire tank, making heat a lot less effective against it. The panther mit 8,8 cm l/71 is a german tier 8 premium medium tank development of a modification of the panther started in the spring of 1944 the new variant was to incorporate a newly designed schmalturm turret the new vehicle was designated the panther ausf f.

Praise jesus the ersatz m10 is 57 now my panther d can get nice and dusty yay for turret rotation. A reskinned panther/m10 is a bit of an odd choice for a reward tank, but as covered in the last console dev q&a, the regular panther/m10 and the “champion” variant have been looked at and have recieved some changes, though didn’t specify exactly what maybe be buffed or altered. Panther m10 vs panther i & ii started by irmabecx, so with the preferential matchmaking of the panther/m10 i'd get in pretty much the same matches, only i'd be . A simple, sensible tweak to tank matchmaking tanks till 40 but if you add the m10 you can also see vehicles till 47 since you actually have a vehicle that is .

Blitz panther/m10 - read more about panther/m10, play free mobile online mmo game for ios and android. Panther/m10 is a bit of an odd choice for a reward tank, but as covered in the last console dev q&a, the regular panther/m10 and the “champion” variant have been looked at and have [] reply wolvenworks says:. Changes to preferential matchmaking premium vehicles won’t be postponed anymore yeah, i will be a sad panda if they change panther m10 hopefully if it gets . Panther / m10 is an amazing tank to train your med crew and a great money maker here is the guide that helped me understand how to play it.

During the ardennes offensive several panthers assigned to panzerbrigade 150 were disguised as m10 wolverine tank destroyers this was a part of a larger operation aimed to cause confusion in the rear of the allied lines on february 1945 disguised panthers encountered the 120th infantry regiment (united states). Weak spot guide: panther/m10 posted by: wot guru february 10, 2015 the tier 7 premium german medium tank panther/m10 is a panther disguised as the american m10 with thin sheet metal attached over a panther tank. Kedves játékosok a szárazföldi téli feladatokat csináló játékosok fő célját, a panther/m10-et szeretném bemutatni, azok akik csak csinálgatták komolyabban ráállhatnak, akik pedig szenvednek a teljesítésük miatt (én már kivagyok, hogy minden nap el kel indítani az acesexe-t :p ) újabb motivációt nyerhetnek, többet tudván a megszerezhető járműről. 47 thoughts on “ wot – tank day 2017 q&a ” now it’s clear that introducing preferential matchmaking was a mistake pz iv s and even the panther m10 .

It just has preferential matchmaking sergio montserrat sánchez on september 11, 2014 at 7:53 pm said: all infantry lights, due to having low mobility and low armor . Adding back the panther/m10 when it was specifically removed because of the preferential matchmaking it has of course i’m salty because i won’t be a special . However, the panther/m10 features limited matchmaking - which from 918 onwards means it, at worst, will see five t8s generally expect single-tier t7 and 5+10 t7+t6 battles furthermore, like the normal panther, it features a huge hitpoint pool of 1300, equivalent to many t8 medium tanks.

Matchmaking panther m10

“cosplay” panther/m10: before and after by: irmabecx so it’s not often things make me so happy i could puke rainbows, but when i heard the panther/m10 was getting buffed to “enforce the medium tank gameplay role”, that’s the feeling i got. World of tanks - panther/m10 today there's a lot of cosplay panther about when the matchmaker goes wrong subscribe for more videos: . The panther/m10 is basically a stock panther mocked-up to look like an m10 wolverine it even has the olive-drab paint and white star of american tanks it even has the olive-drab paint and white star of american tanks. Panther m10 = dead team - posted in general discussion: many people think that a top tier panther m10 effectively equals to a dead team the reason for that i believe that wargaming more often than not matches a top tier m10 against one of the heavy tier vii tanks.

  • The panther/m10 is a solid tank along with the fcm 36 pak 40 due to limited matchmaking as well all of these tanks are great premium tanks that don’t cost an arm and a leg, so now is possibly the last chance for you to own them before they are gone.
  • Wot – adieu fcm 50t as if limited matchmaking is the reason yeah,remove the fcm,but then you re-introduced the 112 and the panther m10 in the in-game tech .
  • Tier 7 – panther/m10 it retained its premium matchmaking, meaning on top of having some of the best statistics of all tier 7 medium tanks, it will never see a .

I feel it is a close call whether the panther/m10 or revenant kraft's panther better represent the panther game style, the main factor to consider is the matchmaking the revenant kraft's panther has more epic potential and offers challenging games against tier 9 tanks. This feature is not available right now please try again later. Graphical overview of weak points of panther/m10.

Matchmaking panther m10
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